Thursday, November 12, 2009


You know what I simply adore? Soup. There is nothing like a good cup of piping hot soup on a cold fall day! Or on an even colder winter day. Or, say, on a warm summer day while inside the house with the air conditioning running...

Whatever. The point is, this past summer, I moved on out and away from hearth, home, and my mother's cooking. Which is, for many reasons, an adventure. (Yeah, adventure! You know, like a pirate, I traverse the great Atlantic.) On the homemade soup-related front, however, things are not looking so fun and swashbuckling.

"Wait, wait," you might say, "what kind of self-respecting girl goes off across the world without first knowing how to make a fierce soup?"

Me, apparently. But fear not! For I have discovered the undeniable glory of the innocent veg pot. Rice! Potatoes! Corn! Lettuce! Cheese! Tomatoes! Spinach! Beans! Tasty sauces! All for a mere £2.33* a piece at Tesco.

Mere £2.33*, you say? Well, I dunno. A bit pricey, maybe, but crafting up my own would suck up the cash as well. What with all the ingredients. And I might have to like, buy a saucepan or something. I'm not sure you can make soup from scratch in, y'know, the microwave. Besides, it would take forever. And obviously as a college student I am way too busy to cook anything; my time is much better spent on photobooth. With my soup in hand!

*According to my friend Sara, the veg pots were in fact £3.34 at Tesco. I swear it was less, though! Maybe I deluded myself into thinking they were cheaper than they are? Either way, they're still legit delicious!